Palestinians rip Israeli permits: “I do not need your permission to enter my own land”

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Following the overwhelming operative in Jerusalem Sunday where a Palestinian teenager was shot after stabbing Israeli border guard, Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled permissions to enter “Israel” for the people of Si’ir village near Hebron and 500 others.

A number of Palestinian youths in response are ripping off their permissions,  some of them who received it for the first time in their lives, raising the slogan “Palestine is more precious than an Israeli permit,” and boycotting Israeli authorities.

Thousands of Palestinians received permissions to enter Jerusalem, after Israeli authorities relaxed the procedures to get it for the month of Ramadan, and allowed men over 40 to go to Jerusalem without it.

Israeli authorities every year ease the process of obtaining permits for Palestinians to boost Israeli economy, exploiting thousands of Palestinians who dream of going to the occupied capital of Palestine.

11535917_1098168790225540_7875817310593812835_nActivists started a campaign on Facebook called “Rip off your permit” as as an act of civil disobedience saying that they “do not need Israeli permission to enter their own occupied land.”

The reaction as well came after Palestinians on Facebook condemned the operative in Jerusalem, since they deducted Israeli authorities will cancel their permits and demolish the opportunity to go to Jerusalem, saying that “the martyr’s blood is more expensive.”


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