Citizens raise the Palestinian flag over Beit Al-Baraka church, denouncing its seizure. Al-Arroub/ Bethlehem

Ya’alon approves renovation of seized West Bank church for settlement expansion

PNN/ Hebron/
Israeli occupation defense minister, Moshe Ya’alon today approved the renovation of a building which is part of Beit Al-Baraka church near Al-Arroub refugee camp south Bethlehem, central West Bank. 

Israeli newspaper Haaretz about a month ago exposed seizure of the church by a Jewish billionaire, through a fake Norwegian real estate company headed by a Norwegian woman who claimed she was member of an American church.

Days after the publication, the reconstruction of the building has stopped to find the legal status of the renovation. Later, Haaretz said that IOF decided there was no law preventnig the renovation of the building and today Ya’alon has approved it.

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