Ruins of Khan Younis home; about 25 members of one family were reportedly killed overnight after IOF bombared the house. Reuters 2014

Rise of suicide rates: Gaza youngster strangles himself Saturday

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A Palestinian youngster from Khan Younis refugee camp south Gaza Saturday evening has strangled himself in his family home, committing suicide.

Reporters quoted witnesses saying that (M. M) aged 25, was moved to Nasser hospital a dead body after the incident. The victim was said to have psychological disorders. There is still no further information on the case.

Rise of suicide rates

According to governmental statistics, 2014 recorded a 68.4% rise in suicide rates, since it witnessed 39 suicide cases in the West Bank and Gaza.

The rate in besieged Gaza was lower than the West Bank despite the higher populations. In Gaza, 2014 carried the suicide of 12 people. The West Bank had 27 similar cases, adding 8 people to the list of 2013.

However, Al-Shifa governmental hospital which was destroyed during the Israeli offensive last summer, said that in Gaza, at least one person attempted suicide on a daily basis. In 2014, about 350 people in Gaza attempted suicide but were saved.


The reasons behind the boost in suicide rates in the West Bank were referred to the psychological disorders which the victims suffer as a result of the worsening social, political and financial situations.

According to report by the World Bank organizations, the deterioration of the Palestinian economy continued in 2014, particularly in Gaza where the situation was dire even before the conflict. The average yearly economic growth exceeded 8% between 2007 and 2011 but declined to 1.9% in 2013, and reached minus 1% for the first quarter of 2014. A quarter of the Palestinian population lives in poverty, with the rate in Gaza twice as high as that in the West Bank, as Palestinian businesses were crippled by the restrictions on movement of people and goods. While it is expected from the private sector to play a vital role in creating jobs, the constraints are such that only 11% of formal firms have more than 20 workers compared to 35% in comparable lower-middle income countries.

In addition, the 51-day Israeli offensive last summer on Gaza killed more than 2,200 people, about 500 of them children under the age of 11. The aggression also demolished 19,000 homes and made homeless about 100,000 people, after construction aid failed to reach Gaza.

The previous issues lead to more social disintegration, despair and existential crises, leaving the victim obsessing over escaping.

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