BASR participates in a launch seminar supporting rights of people with hearing disability

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BASR Cochlear implantation and rehabilitation team participated in a launch seminar of a project entitled “support to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, education and rehabilitation services for people affected by deafness in Palestine”, which was held on the Effeta Institute in Bethlehem by John Paul II Foundation and under the auspices of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, with participation of several local civil society institutions and Italian partner organizations, in the aim at promoting the quality of life of people with hearing impairment and total hearing loss in Palestine by enhancing their access to inclusive health care, rehabilitation and education services.

The Conference was inaugurated by Father Ibrahim Faltas president of John Paul II Foundation, who welcomed the participants and introduced the progressive policies of Effeta Institute in upgrading education to students with and without hearing disability.

2Mr. David La Cecilia the Consul General of Italy in Jerusalem expressed the Italian interest in supporting the Health Care System of Palestine, by recently funding the construction of a new hospital in Dura city at the south of Hebron district.

The Palestinian Minister of Health Dr. Jawad Awad, explained to the audience the current political and economic turbulent situation in Palestine, and stressed on the urgent need to draw higher attention b.y the international community for supporting the health care in Palestine.

Dr. Franco Trabalzini, Chief of Otolaryngology Univ. Osp. Siena talked about new methods applied within the ENT pathology, focusing on the high importance of conducting early intervention as soon as possible for improving brainstem development of children with hearing disability.

6BASR’s ENT Specialized Dr. Jamil Qumsieh presented BASR’s holistic approach in rendering high quality comprehensive medical and rehabilitation services by its multidisciplinary team to children and adult patients with hearing disability, whereby more than 90 patients successfully underwent cochlear implants since 2008, and received long-term rehabilitation program by BASR’s speech and language dept, audiology dept, psychology dept, and social services to restore their hearing loss and to be fully integrated in local community, whereas there’s still around 300 patients from marginalized areas waiting to receive such advanced and highly expensive services.

Such conference will pave the way for building collaborative efforts on implementing the project that includes such interventions as organizing a training program on producing accessible curriculums and elaborating new teaching methods for students with hearing disability, which will be rendered by Birzeit University to several primary and secondary education teachers, in addition to conducting exchange of experiences between Italian experts and Palestinian medical and rehabilitative team on utilizing advanced technologies in ENT and audiology.

At the end of the conference BASR cochlear team in cooperation with Caritas Baby Hospital and Effeta Institute set collective mechanisms for the implementation, by providing early detection and intervention, treatment and intensive rehabilitation program as preparative actions to integrate persons with hearing disability in various aspects of life, whereby Caritas Baby Hospital will be accountable to survey the children patients in need, and BASR team will be in charge of rendering prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation, whilst Effeta Institute will be responsible of enrolling students at inclusive primary and secondary education.

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