Clashes in Kafr Kanna after IOF demolish home for the second time

PNN/ Bethlehem/
Israeli media this morning reported violent clashes between Israeli police forces and the Palestinians in occupied Kafr Kanna in the north, after the police overnight demolished home of Tareq Al-Khatib for the second time after its reconstruction by the people of the village. 

Ynet news outlets said that hundreds of Palestinians in Kafr Kanna were protesting the act last night after Israeli police, border guards and private units were heavily guarding the bulldozers during the demolition.

The home was demolished about two months ago, and was rebuilt by the villagers as a response to the act. 

Ynet quoted the owner of the house saying that he did not break any laws, and that the house was his property for years. Therefore, Israeli forces had no right whatsoever to demolish it.

The pepole of Kafr Kanna announced general strike in protest of the demolition, affirming that they will rebuild it again.

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