Khader Adnan has been well-known for his persistent resistance to the conditions of his imprisonment

Israeli government green lights bill to force feed prisoners

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The Israeli government Sunday approved a draft legislation that would enable the IOF to force feed hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners, Times of Israel reports.

The legislation was proposed by the former government and revived last week by the new Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan. The draft passed its first reading in the preceding Knesset, but did not reach the required second and third readings to be passed into law.

The legislation comes as Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan has been hunger striking since the beginning of May, demanding an end to his administrative detention. Last week, the Palestinian government warned that Adnan was in danger of dying.

Erdan said he would seek to push the bill through the Knesset as soon as possible. After being approved by the government, it still must go through three Knesset readings.

“Security prisoners are interested in turning hunger strikes into a new kind of suicide attack that would threaten the State of Israel. We cannot allow anyone to threaten us and we will not allow prisoners to die in our prisons,” Erdan said to the Times of Israel.

Khader Adnan was hospitalized several days ago, but continues his protest against the conditions of his imprisonment. He told a lawyer, who visited him in solitary confinement in the Israeli HaDarim jail, that the Israeli Prisons Services began imposing sanctions on him already at the first day of his strike.

Sanctions have included sending him to solitary confinement, preventing him from going out to the jail’s yard, receiving a radio or a newspaper, and having a pen or a writing book.

According to the IOF, four prisoners are currently refusing to eat, planning an extensive hunger strike after Ramadan.

In 2012 and 2013, a large hunger strike and Palestinian protests led Israel to release a number of prisoners from administrative detention.

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