IOF shot Abdullah Ganaim in the back, then run him over with a military vehicle.

IOF kills 22 year old in Kufr Malik village near Ramallah

PNN / Ramallah (Edited Sunday at 14.30)

IOF forces early Sunday killed 22 year old Abdullah Ganaim in Kufr Malik village near Ramallah.

The martyr was first shot and then run over by an IOF vehicle, member of the City Council Ahmad Malki told PNN.

”The IOF invaded the village at 2 in the morning to order interrogations,” he said, adding that the youngsters of the village hit the streets as they always do when the IOF invade.

In the centre of the village, the troops were shooting teargas and live bullets at the protesters. They chased Abdullah Ganaim and shot him in the back near his home, after which an IOF vehicle run him down, Malki told PNN.

The IOF said he died from a car accident.

Governor of Ramallah and Al-Bireh, Dr. Laila Ghannam, calls on the Palestinian and international media to not adopt the IOF version of the story, saying it was not an accident but an attack. The autopsy revealed a bullet in Abdullah Ganaim’s back.

”Reproducing the Israeli version is a way to justify crimes against human rights” she said, calling for the international community to provide Palestinians with more protection.

”Every day, the world witnesses the Israeli crimes. The Geneva Conventions are drowning in the Palestinian blood,” she said.

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