In pictures: injuries during Israeli crackdown on peaceful marches


Dozens of Palestinian citizens were injured on Friday by Israeli bullets and tear gas during a series of Israeli crackdowns on peaceful weekly marches against the apartheid wall and expansion of illegal settlements.

5 Palestinian citizens were injured by live fire during the Israeli suppression of a weekly march in Kafer Qadoum.

Five Palestinians were injured by live fire, with 2 now being described as in a ‘serious condition’, after Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) came down hard on a peaceful weekly march taking place in the village of Kafer Qadoum. The march was demonstrating against the closure of a street in the village thirteen years ago to make way for the illegal settlement Qadoumim, which was built on the village’s land.

According to Popular Resistance Coordinator Murad Shetewi, the IOF used live ammunition during their crackdown on the march, leading to the injury of Mohammed Majed (20) who sustained two bullets in his stomach and chest and whose condition was described as serious.

Ibrahim Mousa (35) was also severely injured by live bullets to his stomach when the IOF fired into his house. Mohammed Nidal (20) was shot in the leg, Iman Farouq (38) in the hand, and Ma’az Khader in the leg. This is in addition to dozens of village residents, including children, who suffered from exposure to tear gas.

IOF closed the village during the morning and set up a military checkpoint, declaring a closed military zone. They prevented media teams from entering the village, which led to the tranfer of those injured by private car to Rafidia hospital in Nablus for treatment.

Dozens suffered injuries incurred through exposure to tear gas

Dozens of citizens and international activists suffered injuries on Friday relating to the IOF’s use of tear gas in its crackdown on the peaceful weekly march against the apartheid wall and settlements.

Local sources confirmed that IOF soldiers fired rubber-coated metal bullets, sound bombs and tear gas from the old apartheid wall towards the participants. This lead to dozens injured, suffering from symptoms of suffocation, and large fires in the village’s olive groves.

Participants of the march told Palestinian media that they had marched in the streets of the village chanting national slogans demanding freedom for Palestinian prisoners and for Palestine itself.

In a statement, the Popular Committee of the Resistance against the Apartheid Wall and Settlements said that the action today was in solidarity with the prisoners’ hunger strike lead by Sheikh Khader Adnan. They demanded in the statement that local and international human rights institutions put pressure on the Israeli government to release the prisoners, and demanded that the Israeli government be held accountable for any deterioration in the health of the hunger strikers.

A Norwegian delegate visited the village of Bil’in and participated in the march in an expression of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The delegate heard before the march from Popular Resistance Press Coordinator Rateb Abu Rahma a detailed explanation of experiences of Bil’in residents related to their resistance against the wall and settlements during the last ten years. Rahma also spoke of the actions which have been successful during the resistance, calling for international delegates to participate in the marches against the occupation in Palestine.

For his part, the Norwegian delegate expressed his admiration of the people of Bil’in in their struggle against injustice.

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