Liebermann and Omir: attack Gaza and end Hamas rule


Former Israeli foreign minister and leader of far-right party ‘Israel is our Home’, Avigdor Liebermann called for the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) to launch an expansive attack on the Gaza Strip in an operation to wipe out Hamas rule.

Liebermann felt that the situation in south Israel was becoming unbearable, as residents were “unable” to go about their normal daily lives.

Prominent extremist Omir Bar-Lev, of the Zionist Camp block, said that Netanyahu and Ya’alon continue to reveal their weak position and hesitation regarding the escalation of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory. He indicated that this showed a collapse in the strength of Israeli deterrence, demanding instead an immediate and resolute response to the launches and rocket-propelled grenades.

These remarks were made on a Hebrew channel in response to a rocket landing in Ashkelon on Tuesday night.

The rockets from Gaza were fired by Salafist groups in an attempt to draw an Israeli reprisal against Hamas, who have been leading a crackdown on the IS-affiliated group.

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