Exposed: Israeli meetings with Syrian opposition


Hebrew news site Walla today exposed meetings that took place several times in the last few years between a senior Israeli official and leaders of the Syrian opposition.

According to the site, these meetings were convened in a Western country in the period 2012-2014 during the previous term of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.

Walla described the Israeli official as a “high-level official currently in a senior political position”, and said that military censorship had banned the publication of his identity due to the high-level and confidential nature of the meetings between him and the Syrian opposition leaders.

The site said the the meetings with members of the Syrian opposition took place with the aid of a non-governmental body with relations to a number of bodies active in the Syrian opposition. It stated that the discussions had focused on perceived common threats to Israel and the Syrian government, such as Iran, Hezbollah and extremist organisations in the region.

A source familar with the details of these meetings explained that the most “important part of these meetings was the dialogue that took place with the participation of the senior Israeli official” and said that “people in the Syrian opposition want our vision to play a role”.

Walla concluded that Israel shared the Syrian opposition’s hostility towards Iran, Hezbollah, IS and al-Qaeda.

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