IOF arrested 24 school students, wounded 200 scholars for the past two months

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Palestinian ministry of higher education on Thursday issued a report on Israeli violations against education in Palestine during the months of  April and may. The report showed that Israeli occupation arrested about 24 students from the southern provinces of the West Bank. The ministry published the list of names of detainees in the report as well.

Other than the arrests, the report showed that about 200 students and teachers were targeted and injured by Israeli forces, a majority of them who suffered teargas suffocation.

Israeli occupation forces also delayed 9 teachers from reaching their places of work, by detaining them on checkpoints.

The ministry pointed out that the occupation obstructed school day on the 9th of April in two schools. One because of the marathon in Al-Sawiya school, and another in Hebron since soldiers were showering the school yards with teargas.

The ministry called on the human rights defenders and organizations to stop the Israeli violations against the education in Palestine and exposing those arbitrary acts through international media.



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