Izz Eddin Ghurra (20) shot dead by IOF in Jenin camp

IOF kill Palestinian during clashes in Jenin camp

PNN/ Jenin/
Israeli occupation forces Wednesday mining shot dead Izz Eddin Ghurra (20) in Jenin, northern West Bank.

IOF broke into Jenin refugee camp early morning to arrest Palestinian youngsters, when clashes sparked and youngsters were throwing burning cocktails at the military vehicles. Soon, a soldier shot Izz Eddin, wounding him severely.

Bidding farewell to Izz Eddin in Khaled Suleiman hospital after he was killed by IOF

Medics at Martyr Khalid Suleiman governmental hospital announced that he died before reaching the hospital, adding that he was hit by two bullets in his arm and chest.

Izz Eddin turned out to affiliate to Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement.


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