EU delegates stand in solidarity with Susiya


EU delegates on Monday made a solidarity visit to West Bank village Susiya, which is being threatened with imminent demolition by Israel.

Representatives from all 28 EU member states on Monday traveled to Khirbet Susiya south of Hebron in protest of Israel’s threat to implement the eviction and demolition order, reported i24 News.

Delegates attended a ceremony which stressed the suffering of approximately 300 villagers facing homelessness after Israel’s Supreme Court upheld a project to demolish their homes and forcefully relocate them from lands that have been in families for generations.

EU representative in Jerusalem, John Gatt-Rutter, stated that: “our presence here today indicates how seriously we in the EU view the intention to demolish this village and its structure and evict its residents.

“But Susiya isn’t an isolated case. It’s hard not to draw parallels with what’s happening elsewhere in the West Bank and with Bedouin communities.”

According to i24 News, Britain’s consul general, Alistair McPhail, indicated Britain’s lack of support for demolitions in general and belief of the illegal nature of settlements. He said that Israel was undermining the possibility of a two-state solutions with its continued aggressions in the West Bank and Gaza.

Palestinian homes are often demolished by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) under the pretext of a lack of building permits. However, Susiya residents on Monday reportedly complained that they were forced to build “illegally” because permits are seldom granted. They also reported that Israeli authorities deliberately denies them access to facilities, after Israel cited the lack of necessary infrastructure as another reason for demolition.

“If they demolish this village it will be a disaster,” said Jihad Nawajah, head of the village council. “It’s clear that the main goal is to evict the Palestinians and take the land for the expansion of the settlements.”

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