Know Thy Heritage celebrates 5 years, offers new activities for Palestinian youth in Diaspora

PNN/ Bethlehem/
Sir Rateb Rabie, president of the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation today unveiled the association’s intentions to launch new programs to connect the Palestinian youth in the diaspora with their homeland, on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of Know Thy Heritage programme.

During his visit to Palestine in preparation of the fifth KTH programme, Rabie told PNN that HCEF is planning new projects and activities to let the Palestinian youth from all over the world connect with Palestine, in cooperation with the Palestinian cabinet.

KTH programme allows Palestinian youths to be representative envoys for Palestine in their communities and current countries, through letting youngsters visit Palestine and get acquainted with Palestine, some of them who visit it for the first time.

New activities
For the first time in 5 years, the new delegation visiting Palestine this year will be accompanied by members of old delegations, who will function as leaders, not trainees. The number of delegates coming this year will be 40 young men and women,giving the programme a fresh new spirit.

Activities include “Young Leaders” Conference in employment and investment as part of “young Investors” which will be something new for the events know your heritage, where the Foundation will find cooperation opportunities between young Palestinian leaders in Palestine and the exile, in order to enhance communication in the areas of economic investment and contribute the homeland of the Palestinian society.

Sir Rateb Rabie noted that ten young people in the business sector will be given the opportunity to hold investment projects in and outside of Palestine. They will be assisted to implement their projects through training and qualification processes.

Rabie revealed the new activities related to the Palestinian creativity in different fields such as medicine, since the Palestinian health sector suffers from lack of resources, finance and expertise. Therefore, the participants will receive and offer experience and professional many Palestinians medical field to serve the people their homeland and their people and benefit from their experiences and research.

Rabie concluded by saying that the Palestinian community, in all sectors whether economic, political, medical and sports authority, demands cooperation with such programs that support and strengthen the steadfastness of Palestinians, in order to raise global awareness about Palestine and its cause for foreigners. Rabie also stresed the need to meet with Palestinians in the Diaspora because they were active partners creative thinkers which can succeed and are eager to offer more to their homeland.

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