Ministry remembers the Naksa: our people are more determined than ever to achieve freedom and independence


The ministry today stressed its belief that despite 48 years of Israeli occupation, the Palestinian people are more determined than ever to take back their national rights and establish their independent state with full sovereignty based on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital.

In a press statement commemorating 48 years since the 1967 Naksa, the ministry demanded the lifting of the historical reality of Israeli injustice, an end to the occupation of Palestinian land, for Israel to obey international law in its policies and practices, and to enable the Palestinian people to enjoy a normal and dignified life like other peoples of the world.

It also called for international mobilization to support Palestine’s national project and to support the national leadership, represented by Mahmoud Abbas, in order to accomplish the full national rights of Palestinians so that they can live in full freedom and national independence.

The ministry reaffirmed that Palestinians are greeting the 48th anniversary of the Naksa more determined than ever to achieve freedom and independence, bring settlement building to an end and defeat the Israeli occupation. They are resolved to exercise their right to self-determination, to establish an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and to reestablish its sovereignty over all territories occupied since June 1967.

It concluded by noting that the memory of the Naksa grows in significance in light of increasing international support for Palestinian rights, the growing understanding of the justice of the Palestinian cause and the increasing support for the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupation’s violations of international law.

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