Al-Agha heads Conference of Palestinian Affairs in Cairo


The 94th session of the Conference of Supervisors of Palestinian Affairs in Arab states hosting refugees will begin tomorrow in the head quarters of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States, in the Egytian capital Cairo.

Director of Information and Public Relations in the Refugee Affairs department, Rami al-Madhoun, a delegation from the Palestinian Liberation Organisation headed by the Executive Committee, and Chairman of the Department of Refugee affairs, Zakaria al-Agha, all arrived in Cairo this morning to participate in the conference.

The conference, headed by al-Agha over 5 days, will discuss strengthening the resolution of the Palestinian people in their struggle against the occupation, settlements, Jewish immigration, the apartheid wall, the issue of development in the Palestinian territories, the issue of Palestinian refugees and the financial status of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA).

Al-Madhoun indicated that the Palestinian refugees in Syria and the financial crisis facing UNRWA, including its recent decisions relating to the cessation of some programs and the reduction of services provided to refugees, will all be important topics for discussion at the conference.

He also pointed out that the conference agenda includes a follow-up to recommendations made in the previous session (93) of the conference, as well as from session 73, made by the Council of Educational Affairs for the people of Palestine. He said that the date and venue of the next meeting would also be determined.

He continued to say that the Supervisors’ Conference would involve the Arab hosts of refugees, the Organisaton of Islamic Conference, the General Secretariat of the Arab League, the Arab Organization for Science and Culture (ALECSO) and the Islamic Organization for Science and Culture (ISESCO). He promised that the conference would be devoted to and dominated by the refugee issue and its ramifications.

Madhoun specified that the delegation would demand Arab and international action to put pressure on the Netanyahu government to comply with the resolutions laid out by the General Assembly of the United Nations and the Security Council. He asked that they force Israel to halt settlement activity, which constitutes the main obstacle to peace, its racist scheme to ‘judaise’ the city of Jerusalem, and the forced deportation of Palestinians living in Israel through a series of racist laws enacted in the recent period. He also cited the policy pursued by the Israeli government in taking unilateral decisions, as proven by its conflict with the international legitimacy of Palestinians’ rights.

The conference was dedicated to the Palestinian issue, and is held once every 6 months to discuss the situation of refugees in the host Arab states. Progress reports are made periodically to the Council meeting of Arab foreign ministers.

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