Salafist Groups adopt strikes on Israel as response to Hamas’ crackdown on them

PNN/ Gaza/

The Salafist groups which support the Islamic State (ISIS) on Thursday adopted the two strikes on Israel, saying it was a response to Hamas’ crackdown on them in the Strip.

The Salafist groups yesterday threatened to fire missiles on Israel if Hamas does not halt its prosecution against their members, and does not releases those who it arrested.

The group also claimed back their weapons which Hamas devices confiscated during the arrests.

Following the two strikes, several massive explosions rocked the Gaza Strip on Thursday night amid multiple reports of Israeli military F16 jets buzzing the area.

Two days ago, The Salafists in the Gaza Strip issued Hamas a 48-hour deadline to stop its crackdown on them, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday.

In a statement sent to the media, the ISIS supporters claimed responsibility for a rocket fired at Israel from Gaza last week. The claim could not be independently verified.

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