Israeli settler runs over Palestinian causing him fractures and internal bleeding

PNN/ Salfit/
An Israeli settler on Thursday ran over a Palestinian youngsters near southern West Bank city of Salfit.

Witnesses said that the settler’s vehicle approached the Palestinian while he was walking on the platform of the main street in the city, according to Days of Palestine news outlet.

“She hit him and ran away,” an eyewitness said.

The victim was identified as Ahmed Sultan, 22, and was rushed to the Angelical Hospital in Nablus by a Palestinian ambulance. Palestinian medics said he sustained moderate injuries; leg fraction, face bruises and internal bleeding.

Days of Palestine reported that Israeli police said it would open investigation into the incident, but the family of the youth doubted the Israeli intention to achieve justice in the case.

“Based on many many previous cases, the remarks about opening investigations into similar incidents just were made to hung on,” the mother of the youth said.

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