Occupation intelligence: PA doubting negotiations


Hebrew radio station: majority of Israeli intelligence assessments indicate a lack of faith from Palestinian leadership in political negotiations with Israel due to an absence of positive results, preventing the leadership from expecting progress in the peace process via direct or indirect negotiations.

The radio station indicated a report by Haaretz newspaper which claimed that the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, doubts his political path due to a lack of results in the previous rounds of negotiation, as well as the remarks made during the last few months by Israeli prime minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, concerning the two-state solution.

According to these assessments, said Haaretz, the Palestinian Authority will play out a public and non-violent struggle against Israel in an effort to undermine Israel’s position in the international arena.

This reflects the recent endeavour to expel Israel from FIFA, indicating that Palestine is willing to take similar action across a range of institutions.

On that note, the Knesset is expected to convene an emergency meeting on Wednesday to discuss Israel’s position on an international level against the backdrop of growing calls for an international boycott of Israel.

This comes after remarks from United States president, Barack Obama, in which he said that the stalemate in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, and unclear position of the Israeli government towards a two-state solution, would make it difficult for the United States to continue its support of Israeli positions in the international community. He added that this was in light of recent European and international pressure to take punitive measures against Israel.

Before his election on 17 March, Netanyahu’s electioneering campaign said that he would not allow the establishment of a Palestinian state. Recently, he asked to return to negotiations on the two-state solution. However, his demand was that Israel contains the illegal West Bank settlements, leaving less than 15% of historical Palestine to the Palestinians.

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