Obama: Israel losing credibility over Netanyahu’s contradictory statements

PNN/ Bethlehem/

US President Barack Obama, in an interview broadcast Tuesday, said that Israel risks losing “credibility” over Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s stance on the two-state solution.

According to The Guardian, Obama made the comments to an Israeli television station in response to a question about Netanyahu’s comments regarding the establishment of a Palestinian state before and after March elections.

“… The danger here is that Israel as a whole loses credibility. Already, the international community does not believe that Israel is serious about a two-state solution,” Obama said in the interview with Israel’s channel 2.

Before his election on 17 March, Netanyahu’s electioneering campaign said that he will not allow the establishment of a Palestinian state. Recently, he asked to return to negotiations over two states. However, his demand was that Israel contains the illegal West Bank settlements, leaving less than 15% of historical Palestine to the Palestinians.

Obama said Netanyahu’s statements on the subject after the election have had “so many caveats, so many conditions, that it is not realistic to think that those conditions would be met any time in the near future,” The Guardian reported.

Therefore, renewing the negotiations which fell apart in April 2014, seems unattainable with the lack of trust between the sides, exacerbated by the formation of Netanyahu’s far right extremist  coalition after the recent elections.

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