Israel rumors: secret move to annex settlements


Factions which make up the Israeli government coalition today recognized that Israeli laws, passed in the Knesset, must apply to settlers and settlements in the West Bank, prompting speculations that Israel is making a secret move to annex settlements.

Member of the Knesset, Yanon Majel from Jewish Homeland, set forth the bill which was subsequently approved by all factions, meaning that it will pass quickly.

According to the law, the bill must be signed by the leader of the military zone in the West Bank and will be adopted under military law as well.

The bill explains that although the number of settlers voting for the Knesset has reached 350 thousand, Israeli law does not cover them. It said that this system did not make sense.

There are dozens of illegal settlements based in the West Bank, infiltrating way beyond the 1967 borders, which prove a sticking point in any negotiations between Palestine and Israel. Settlements are illegal under international law, yet there is no sign from Israeli president, Benyamin Netanyahu, of ordering a halt on their construction.

To the contrary, Netanyahu gave orders last October for the construction of 1,060 new settlement units in two settlements in East Jerusalem; 660 new units in ‘Ramot Shlomo’, and 400 in ‘Har Homa’, in addition to an infrastructure project of 12 new settlement roads in the West Bank.

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