Hunger striker Adnan Khader enters 2nd month despite pressure to quit


Prisoner Adnan Khader today entered the second month of his hunger strike protesting against his unlawful captivity under the administrative detention order. He is continuing with his demonstration in order to shed light on the injustice of the order despite coming under pressure to quit and despite Israeli attempts to circumvent his hunger strike in the hope of reducing the number of prisoners joining him.

Spokesman of the Centre for Palestinian Prisoners, Riyadh al-Ashqar said that the ‘prisoner Adnan’ is considered to be a symbol for other prisoners and was the first to initiate a hunger strike in protest of the administrative detention order. Adnan’s last hunger strike in 2012 reached 66 consecutive days before he was released, only to be re-arrested and begin his open-ended strike once more.

Al-Ashqar added that the occupation intended by any means, including pressure and terror, to force Adnan to end his strike. He said Israel feared that in the case of his continuing, other prisoners would join the strike on a large and more organized scale, like the mass demonstration made by prisoners last year.

Al-Ashqar also indicated Israeli attempts to undermine Adnan’s strike in order to avoid destabilizing the situation in Israeli prisons in an unprecedented manner. There is already rising tension in many prisons due to repressive measure taken by the occupation against the prisoners and the transfer of the Prisoners’ Movement leader without prior warning.

He added that Adnan was dangerously close to permanently damaging his health as he entered his second month, beginning to show manifestations of extreme fatigue amongst other indications that his life was now in danger.

Mr Adnan was kidnapped on July 8, 2014, and has since been held under Administrative Detention orders without charges or trial, said IMEMC.

Adnan went on hunger strike for a week in January of this year after Israel renewed his Administrative Detention orders for the third consecutive time.

He warned that he would hold an open-ended hunger strike should Israel renew the orders, and started his current strike on May 5 after the Administrative Detention order was renewed.

The Israeli army launches arrest campaigns on a daily basis against dozens of Palestinians in various cities and villages of the West Bank under the so-called administrative detention policy.

This policy enables the apartheid Israeli government to keep Palestinians in jail without trial or charge for up to 6 months. The detention order can be renewed an indefinite number of times. This has lead to the detention of over 7000 Palestinians in Israeli jails and detention camps without any obvious charges.

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