Reduction in services offered to refugees: forces in Gaza call for UNRWA to retract its recent decisions

PNN / Bethlehem /

National and Islamic Forces today convened a press conference in front of the headquarters of the UN agency for refugee relief, UNRWA, in order to protest its decision to reduce the services offered to refugees.

The conference expressed deep concern about UNRWA’s decision, saying that the series of measures and service cuts would increase the suffering of refugees in the Gaza Strip, especially in the hard economic situation which the Palestinian people were currently experiencing.

The National and Islamic Forces also expressed concern that these new measures would reduce the refugees’ political significance, their aim being the emancipation of the people and of their national identity. They then called on the international community, in particular the Arab nations, to fulfill their obligations and abide by their pledges to the Palestinian refugees.

President of the Staff Union, Sahil al-Hindi, separately expressed his rejection of any cuts made to services by the organisation, and called for workers and heads of parliament to ignore the proposed measures.

A member of the General Committee for the Popular Front, Abu Nidal Toman, said that the Forces intend to resist the measures through a series of actions until UNRWA reverses its decision.

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