European states boycott international weapons exhibition in Tel Aviv

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Hebrew newspaper Ma’ariv today lifted the veil on the boycott by a number of European countries lead by Britain and France, of the Israeli Defense exhibition, which was exhibiting modern weapons, opening in Tel Aviv on Tuesday morning.

Ma’ariv added in today’s issue that the exhibition will include the most modern weapons produced in both Israeli and international factories. Any defense contractor wishing to erect a booth in the show must however obtain permission from its country, and a number of European contractors were denied this permission by their governments.

A defense official from Israeli security was quoted by Ma’ariv as saying that “there are companies that have no desire to attach their names to the expo and to be seen selling offensive weapons to Israel”.

Nonetheless, the organizers of this year’s show anticipate that 250 representatives from 20 countries will be on hand to display their wares, drawing a total of 2,000 visitors from over 100 countries, reported The Jerusalem Post.

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