Copenhagen to work for boycott of settlement products

PNN/ Bethlehem/

A majority of the City Council in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, Friday voted in favor of a boycott of products from illegal Israeli settlements in public procurement.

The municipality thereby marks its stance on the illegal Israeli settlements, which have been subjected to great debate since a public transportation company at the beginning of May decided to remove bus ads encouraging a boycott.

The majority consisted of members of center-leftist parties who voted in favor of a proposal put forward by the Socialist Party (SF). Next step is to find a practical solution for the proposal.

“When trading with illegal settlements, you indirectly support them. That is exactly what the UN as well as the government has encouraged not to do,” says Member of the City Council for SF, Sisse Marie Welling.

She considers the proposal a natural step for the municipality, since Copenhagen already decided not to invest in companies working in illegal settlements.

Aarhus, the second biggest city in Denmark, already passed a similar proposal.

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