Shaked bill proposes sharper punishment against stone throwers

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The newly assigned Israeli Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked is promoting legislation aimed at giving harsher punishment to stone-throwers, without having to provide proof the accused intended to harm anyone.

Shaked’s first piece of legislation since entering the Justice Ministry will be brought to vote on Sunday at the Ministerial Committee for Legislation.

According to the Israeli newspaper Ynet, the objective of the legislation – which was previously proposed by Tzipi Livni but did not pass – is to provide legal tools to handle situations the current legislation does not cover, like stone-throwing at vehicles or police cars without the need to prove intention to harm.

According to the Israeli radio, protesters throwing stones at police cars will be imprisoned for 5 years, and throwing stone on transportation vehicles will be confined up to 10 years.

Currently, Israeli law differentiates between “protest” rock throwing and rocks thrown to cause damage or death. But, according to Shaked’s proposal, penalties, including a jail sentence of ten years, would apply no matter what the thrower’s supposed intent.

Shaked described the law as “insufficient and does not provide a proper response to the many incidents of rock throwing that may not contain a specific intent, but cause a great deal of damage.”

In addition, Shaked’s proposal would expand the law against rock throwing to expand punishments for individuals who throw rocks at police or police vehicles. Such attacks would be subject to a special penalty and harsher punishments would be imposed.

Last November, Israeli occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet approved an amendment to Israel’s penalty code to enable a more severe punishment for those convicted of throwing stones at vehicles. The amendment was to allow a prison sentence of up to 20 years to be imposed on those convicted of throwing or shooting stones or other object.

Ayelet Shaked from the Jewish Home party, called for the murder and genocide of the Palestinian people the past summer, including mothers and children.

During the 51-day Israeli attack on Gaza, which killed more that 2,200 people, mostly children and civilians, Shaked was quoted saying “Palestinians are all enemy combatants. This also includes the mothers of the martyrs; they should follow their sons, nothing would be more just.”

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