JLAC succeeds in freezing demolition orders against Bedouin Communities in Fasayil

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On 27 of May, 2015, The Jerusalem Center for Legal Aid and Human Rights (JLAC) through its legal Unit, and the Attorney, Mohamed Abbassi succeeded in issuing new injunction orders, through the Israeli High Court of Justice, to freeze dozens of demolition orders against the Bedouin Communities in the Fasayil village. The village is located in the Jordan Valley northeast West Bank, and considered as a habitat for dozens of Bedouin families.

The legal intervention is in line with the continuing efforts to protect the Bedouin communities from forced displacement by the Occupation Authorities in the Jordan valley.

The new injunction orders included freezing dozens of demolition orders against more than 30 facilities and structures, mostly used for livestock breeding, considered a major source of livelihood for the affected families.

This legal achievement comes in parallel with submitting dozens of objections on behalf of Bedouin Communities against the Israeli Civil Administration’s plans to relocate and cluster the Bedouin communities in to confined areas near an Nwei’ma, Fasayile and East Jerusalem.

Clustering and relocating the Bedouin Communities compromises their fundamental rights, and is considered a clear violation and abuse to the provisions of the International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law.

Al Rashayda community is composed of three extended families, living in the area since two decades approximately, and seasonally sharing their lands with other families. They have been in Fasayel after they were displaced from the nearby AlOja village.

Their homes and barracks were demolished 3 times in the previous years, due to the arbitrary policies of the Israeli authorities through the Civil Administration (ICA), where the families were handed immediate eviction orders,sometimes without even giving them the appropriate time to submit objections which is supposed to be guaranteed by the law; such was done, under the pretext that the land they reside on an antiquity site and registered as state land.

The Jerusalem Center continues to provide legal assistance to the affected population and its steadfastness since 2009, where the center succeeded in freezing dozens of the demolition and deportation orders since then.

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