An interactive map of murder rates around the world

The interactive Homicide Monitor allows you to click on a country and see its murder count in a specific recent year, and the rate the number represents per 100,000 people. For some countries, you can also see the weapon most commonly used.

The West Bank and Gaza are dark red, while Israel is blue.

Some of the major trends in the fatalities of Palestinians and Israelis since the beginning of the second Intifada are:

-the continuing high rate of fatalities amongst civilians who account for more than half the total of all those killed;

-the declining number of Israelis killed;

-a continuing high death rate for Palestinian adults and children particularly in the Gaza Strip;

-the escalating and changing nature of Palestinians killed from internal violence.

The map shows the distribution of intentional homicide around the world up to 2012. Only during the Gaza offensive in July 2014 2191 people lost their lives, of which 1660 civilians, 527 children and 299 women.

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