MADA Demands Investigation on Assault Against Journalist Abu Mghaiseb

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Palestinian police in Gaza Strip detained and assaulted the editor at Sawt Al-Quds radio station Khaled Ismael Abu Mghaiseb while he was covering a sit-in on Friday against poor living conditions in Gaza. They interrogated him until midnight at the police station in Al-Zaytoun neighborhood.

Abu Mghaiseb reported to MADA: “The police attacked the sit-in, some of them were wearing their uniform and some of them were with plainclothes, they asked about me by my name. They told me they want me at the police station, they seized my cellphone and forcedly dragged me to the vehicle then to their headquarters.”

Abu Mghaiseb added: “when we arrived to the headquarters they beat me (slapped me on the face) and they asked me to give them all the photos I took, I told them I did not take any. One of them said take him inside and reverse hang him; where they physically assaulted me again and forced me against the wall and asked me to raise my arms up. I told them that I am a journalist and I have my journalism card and my working card at Sawt Al-Quds, but they told me to keep them for myself. I was detained until 12 AM and later was released after some people intervened.

The assault on Abu Mghaiseb happened a week after the internal security summoned and interrogated the photographer at the Palestinian Media Network Ramadan Jamal Abu Sakran. The interrogation was about a comedian video he produced about the bombing that happened in Gaza, claiming that this video is insulting and causes dissension.

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) condemns the attacking of journalists and media freedoms, and demands the Palestinian officials to investigate the assault on the journalist Khaled Abu Mghaiseb as well as holding the responsible accountable. MADA also demands an end to all types of violations against media in Palestine.

In the photo the journalists Khaled Abu Mghaiseb & Ramadan Abu Sakran

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