Israeli Authorities to Deport Four French Solidarity Activists Arrested During Bil’in’s Weekly Demonstration on Friday


The Israeli authorities decided to deport the four French solidarity activists from France-Palestine Solidarity Association they arrested fro joining the people of Bil’in on their weekly demonstration against occupation and Aperthied Wall on Friday.

International supporters have been joining the Bil’in demonstration for over 10 years now. However, it’s the first time for the French delegation who joined last Friday’s demonstration after listening to a presentation of the Popular Committee about the suffering of the people’s village of Bil’in due to the Israeli occupation, and the village’s experience in resisting the Separation Wall and Israeli occupation.

Soon after, the demonstration took off from the center of the village heading to the Wall. Dozens of participants suffered from tear gas inhalation during the march after the Israeli forces attacked them just before they arrived to the area near the wall. The soldiers used jeeps to chase demonstrators towards the village and fired a lot of tear gas canisters and rubber bullets at them.

Palestinians, international and Israeli solidarity activists raised Palestinian flags and chanted slogans calling for the demolition of the wall, freedom for Palestine and for prisoners in Israeli jails.

The Israeli soldiers who disapproved of the French activists participation in the demonstration, decided to arrest them and later made a decision to deport them and put their names on the ‘black list’, according to the Israeli sources. Therefore, the four activists cannot visit Palestine any time soon.

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